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Budgets Due April 30

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Treasurer's Training Webinars March 9 & 11

Local section treasurers and presidents, and committee treasurers are strongly encouraged to participate in one of the two Treasurer’s Training webinars. The online webinars will be lead by 2010-11 CWEA Treasurer Simon Watson and will cover basics of local section financial reporting and include an informative question and answer session. 

To participate please RSVP to Chris Lundeen at [email protected] or call 510-382-7800 x104. You will then receive a number to call and logon information for the webinar.

Here is a brief list of the frequently asked questions from the 2009 Treasurer's Training Webinars:

Q: How many signatures are required on checks written by the local section?
A: Two signatures are always needed—usually the local section president and treasurer. Contact CWEA for our FedEx number if you need to get your checks shipped overnight to the signatories. Be sure to never sign blank checks.   

Q: Does the CWEA Executive Director need to be on our local section bank signature card?
A: Yes, please make sure your signature card includes our Executive Director’s signature. You bank may be able to send the signature card to a bank near the CWEA office in Oakland.

Q: What is a banking resolution?
A: This is a document approved by your local section board of directors that states which local section officers can conduct official bank business for the local section. Some banks require a banking resolution. If possible, approve a resolution that names the positions that are authorized, and not the specific names. That way your board won’t have to submit a new resolution each year as the board officers turn over.  

Q: I heard that CWEA is transitioning to accrual accounting, does that mean local sections have to convert too?
A: No, local sections can remain on a cash basis. Accrual accounting is a method that records revenues and expenses when they are incurred, regardless of when cash is exchanged.  

Q: What are the required financial reports our section must complete?
A: By April 30, your section will need to turn in its annual budget. Each month you must submit the budget variance statement along with your bank statements, copies of cancelled checks, check request forms and receipts. By August 1st, your section or committee will need to turn in the annual statement.

Q: Who develops our local section annual budget?
A: Although your local section may have a group of individuals draft the budget (such as the board officers), your local section board ultimately approves the budget.


Local Section and Committees Are Encouraged to Have an Information Table At AC10

CWEA will be hosting its Annual Conference at the Sacramento Convention Center from April 20-23, 2010.  The conference planning committee would like to invite you to exhibit at our conference free of charge.  This annual event showcases the best and brightest of California in the wastewater and water industry, offers networking opportunities for busy professionals, and provides continuing education for everyone from front-line operations and maintenance workers to engineering staff and managers.  We anticipate over 1,300 attendees and participants from public agencies, consultants, manufacturers and vendors supporting the California water and wastewater industry. Please see the invitation letter for additional information.  


Local Section & Committee Work Plans & Budgets are due April 30th

Get your local section and standing committee budgets and work plans for FY 10-11 in by April 30th so they can be considered in CWEA’s upcoming budget cycle.  You can access the forms directly online (through Mbr/Leader Resources, I’m a leader, Committee, Writing Reports and Articles – or  Send your work plans and budgets to [email protected].

Your Board Liaison can help you through the process. Let him or her know if you have ideas for new products or programs CWEA should consider. You and your Liaison can discuss their relationship to CWEA’s strategic plan and resources and how to get your ideas through our new product development form so our Planning & Program Development (PPD) Committee can consider your proposal.  If PPD gives it the green light, then it would go to the Board.  We’re entering our budget drafting cycle for FY 10-11.  


Your Board Nominees Are…  

The Board nominees for the 2010-11 slate are:  

Carrie Mattingly, Utility Services Director, City of San Luis Obispo , for Vice President from the South (becoming President in 2012-13); 
Connie Leonard
, Project Manager, CDM, for WEF Delegate Director from the South; 
Paul Schmidtbauer
, Industrial Waste Administrator, SOCWA,  for Director-at-Large from the South (becoming Treasurer in 2012-13); 
Mike Fisher
, Project Manager, Water Works Engineers, for Director-at-Large from the North.  

Additionally, incoming Northern Regional Committee Chair Rick Staggs, and incoming Technical Certification Program Chair Mike Neri will be appointed to the 2010-11 Board in April.  Rick is Chief of Wastewater Operations, City of Fresno.  Mike is Wastewater Lead Worker, City of Folsom.  

Check the E-Bulletin in March for their Board nomination submissions and resume of CWEA activities.  And vote on the slate at CWEA’s Annual Business Meeting on April 21st, at the opening general session—Wednesday, April 21 @ 8.30 am during the Annual Conference 2010…or vote by proxy by contacting Victoria Rawson at [email protected] by March 30, 2010.  


Short & Sweet Annual Business Meeting

We’re changing up our annual business meeting this year.  We’ve streamlined the agenda to the essentials—an overview of the state of the association and a vote on the board slate for 2010-11.   To ensure a quorum we’re holding the business meeting at the opening general session—Wednesday, April 21 at 8.30 am, in Sacramento.  Members who are not registered for the conference can attend by contacting Victoria Rawson at extension 113 or [email protected].   If you can’t make it, assign your proxy to another member who can vote on your behalf at the meeting.  You can get a proxy form from CWEA’s office beginning February 17, 2010 and return it by March 30, 2010.  Contact Victoria Rawson at extension 113 or [email protected].  Members will receive a postcard notification of the annual business meeting in February.  That postcard will also contain details about a post-conference online meeting that any member can participate in to learn more about our annual audit and financial condition. We hope this will give everyone a chance to get up to date on their association.


FY 08-09 Audit & Tax Filing Approved

CWEA received a clean audit of our financial statements for Fiscal Year 08-09 from CWEA’s audit firm, DZH Phillips, with the exception of our choice not to recognize membership dues over the applicable membership period.  The external auditor uses Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to review the financial statements of the organization.  GAAP requires deferring membership dues; we currently treat membership dues on a cash basis. This annual audit includes the financial balances of all our Local Sections and all our Committees as well as state-level activities.  The auditor is also required by regulation to provide a management letter noting any fiscal control issues.  The
auditor noted significant improvement on areas noted in last year’s management letter.  

In order to comply with a new accounting regulation, the Board ratified a resolution clarifying that the Scholarship Fund is an internally controlled Board-designated Internal Endowment for the purpose of disbursement of scholarships.

Watch your April issue of Wastewater Professional and your March issue of E-Bulletin for our FY 08-09 audited financial statements.  


January 2010 Board Meeting Updates

The CWEA Board was busy as usual in January with a strategic planning update workshop and a Board meeting. The highlights are below. If you have any questions, please contact your Board Liaison.

Sharpened Focus on Strategic Plan
A good chunk of our Board meeting (a day and a half, to be exact) was devoted to strategic planning for CWEA.  The Board examined external threats and opportunities, internal strengths, and weaknesses, and assumptions about our future. They considered input from the member survey…completed by more than 800 members and discussed progress made on our current strategic plan (adopted in 2004).  The big audacious goal and our strategic goals were also revised and metrics for measuring our progress were brainstormed. Finally, one key objective to focus on for FY 10-11 was selected. All is still in draft form but the Board will be sharing the strategic plan with CWEA volunteers and members, along with the results of our member survey.  Sneak preview…90% of the respondents said they would recommend membership in CWEA to someone who is not a member.  

AC 11 budget approved, conference committee gears up for Sacramento
The Board approved the budget for Annual Conference (AC) 2011 in Ontario, April 12-15, 2011.  Early-bird registration fee is $582 CWEA members pay only $450.  After the early-bird deadline the fee is $682; CWEA members pay only $550.  Booth fees start at $1,350 for a 10x10 booth.

Standing rules, LS boundaries & Exhibitor Policy amended
The Board approved amendments to standing rules as requested by Redwood Empire Section and San Diego Section. Also approved were the boundary changes for Redwood Empire and Sacramento Area Sections to reflect their actual practice.  And, the Board amended the Exhibitor Policy for conferences for more clarity.  You can see all CWEA’s policies at  

CWEA’s Student & YP Committee starts Facebook page
The Board approved a request from our Student & Young Professional Committee to start up a Facebook page.  It will be up and live soon-- be sure to check the E-Bulletin notification that it is ready.  

Resolution in memoriam for Kimberly Eades
The Board approved a resolution honoring the memory of CWEA member and volunteer Kimberly Eades who passed on from us far too soon, in November 2009.  Kimberly served on the San Diego Section Board, the Southern Regional Committee, and the Member Communications Task Force.  She was a bright light of
enthusiasm and commitment, and embodied the heart of CWEA.


STAFF CONTACTS - 510-382-7800


Latasha King x 110


Publications & Advertising
Lola Dvorak
  x 114


Local Sections, Committees, Leader Link

Chris Lundeen  x 104



Brian Murray x 102


Lola Dvorak  x 114



Leslie Carino x 107


Conferences & Exhibits

Marci Donohoe x 120


Leadership Calendar





Feb 26 Committee Chairs Standing Committee rosters are due February 26th. If you haven't already, send your rosters to [email protected] ASAP.  Victoria Rawson
[email protected]
March 9, 11 Local Section and Committee Treasurers, Presidents, Chairs Treasurer's training webinar led by experienced treasurers and CWEA staff to help your incoming local section and committee treasurers get up to speed on financial reporting.  Chris Lundeen
[email protected]
April 20 Anybody interested in teaching TCP study sessions TCP Study Session Trainer Training Joanna De Sa at [email protected]
April 20 Committee and Local Section leaders and those interested in volunteering CWEA Leadership Training.
Develop your leadership skills, earn 4.8 Contact Hours, and get a free lunch. Workshop will be at AC10 in Sacramento.
Carrie Mattingly
[email protected] 
April 21 Local section and committee leaders NRC & SRC meetings at AC10 Sacramento. Chris Lundeen [email protected]
April 20-23 All Members CWEA Annual Conference, Sacramento, CA Jodee Schwan  [email protected]   
April 30 LS & Committee Leaders FY 10-11 Annual Plan and Budgets Due Chris Lundeen [email protected]
Also check CWEA's master calendar at
Leader Link: Linking Local Sections, Committees, Board Liaisons, and Past Presidents
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