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CWEA Annual Business Meeting..Approve Your New Board Slate

AC12 Info Tables Available

Last Chance to Submit for this Year's 5S Award

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The power and reach of social media cannot be ignored. Facebook helped revolutionaries in Egypt communicate for a regime change. Corporate executives at many Fortune 500 companies talk back and forth to customers directly through Twitter. Despite not having a physical location, The History Channel grew its followers to over 214,000 after launching a check in campaign through FourSquare.

From a business standpoint, social media isn't just limited to LinkedIn. Social media offers unprecedented business opportunities for marketing, customer service, brand building and crisis communication. Customer relationships are two-way and you can set the tone to promote your work without having to spend a lot of time or money.

Here are some ways CWEA leaders can use social media:

  • Communicate with Members. Social media has emerged as a vital communication channel and we need to engage our stakeholders in a medium they use. Share our clean water mission with like minded folks. Highlight an interesting clip from the news or share your side of the story. You can be short and sweet...and control the message. If something goes wrong, keep your audience posted on your progress. Even only 120 characters is better than silence in a crisis.

  • Inspire. Engage. Have fun. We're all involved in CWEA because we care about our work to keep California's water clean and workforce strong. We're also dedicated to learning, making a difference and meeting new people. Show off your CWEA family connections by discussing a best practice or by sharing a photo of your "turkey" of the year.

  • Connect Members. Build influence, extend your reach and even virtually socialize. You're doing more than just bringing your Rolodex into the 21st Century. Social media lets your members share their passion and common interests with their individual networks.

  • Get People to Your Events. Leveraging social media to promote your events is much easier and less expensive than traditional marketing. Create a buzz leading up to and even during your dinner meeting. Carry on the conversation after the meeting ends to keep attendees engaged (or regretting that they missed it!).

  • Get Member Feedback. The hardest part about evaluating results is gathering the data. Surveys can be tough to put together and to get folks to fill out. Simply keeping track of member "likes" on a new initiative can give you a sense for what resonates with your members. Try using social media to find out what day of the week gets a better turnout for your next training or at what price point breaks the bank.

Social media seems to have staying power and is clearly more than a fad. It's available at home, work and on the go. Where the member goes, social media goes with them.

Excerpted in part from WEF's 1/17 website webinar.


Water's Worth It
WEF has developed WATER’S WORTH IT™, a new messaging campaign that answers the question about how our actions, attitudes, and the things we most value are so closely connected with water. The campaign launches on World Water Day, March 22. Visit to download a toolkit of static and customizable resources. We're very excited about the potential of WATER'S WORTH IT and encourage you to think about how it can be applied to your community programs and outreach efforts. If you're currently developing a major communications initiative - such as an annual water quality report - and can't wait until March 22 for the materials, send an email to


CWEA Annual Business Meeting
As a member of CWEA you are invited to attend CWEA’s Annual Business Meeting and vote on the incoming CWEA Slate of Officers.  This year, the voting session will occur during the Opening Session of CWEA’s Annual Conference on April 18 at the Sacramento Convention Center. You do not have to register for the Annual Conference to attend the meeting; however, you need to notify staff at the conference registration desk if you wish to attend without registering for the conference. Be there promptly at 8:30 AM to exercise your vote.

Slate of Nominees for CWEA Board of Directors

  • Vice President from the South = Simon Watson
  • Director from the North = Kevin Calderwood
  • Director at Large from the South (to be Treasurer) = Berlinda Blackburn
  • WEF Delegate Director from the South = Alec Mackie

  • Automatic Appointments from Standing Committees
    • Northern Regional Committee Chair/Director = David Stoops
    • Technical Certification Program Chair/Director = Lenny Rather

Find out more about the Slate by reviewing the 2012 Board Nominee Questionnaire Answers.

If you are unable to attend, you may obtain a proxy form to be completed and returned to the CWEA office no later than March 23, 2012 by contacting staff at 510-382-7800, extension 113 or  This proxy will grant another member in attendance the right to vote on your behalf.

Local Section and Committees Encouraged to Have an Info Table At AC12

CWEA will be hosting its Annual Conference at the Sacramento Convention Center from April 17-20, 2012.  The conference planning committee would like to invite you to have an information table at our conference free of charge.  This annual event showcases the best and brightest of California in the wastewater and water industry, offers networking opportunities for busy professionals, and provides continuing education for everyone from front-line operations and maintenance workers to engineering staff and managers.  We anticipate over 1,000 attendees and participants from public agencies, consultants, manufacturers and vendors supporting the California water and wastewater industry. Please see the invitation letter and registration form for additional information.


Last Chance to Submit Nominees for this Year's 5s Award

5S - the Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers - are nominated and selected by their peers based on their extraordinary commitments to CWEA through volunteer activities. Any CWEA member can nominate another member, so submit your nominations by March 1. You won't want to miss seeing your colleagues at the "dignified" installation ceremony at AC12.

Applications forms are available at:


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