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CBT's First Month

E-Bulletin News

Orientation Packets

HOT Award Tips

Post Your Event on the CWEA Calendar Page

Study Session Marketing

Leadership Calendar

Annual Conference ’09
Palm Springs, April 28-May 1

Help Spread the Word on Your Local Section Web Sites and Newsletters 

There will be 3 full days of technical sessions, 5 tours, and 9 pre-conference workshops. There will also be a FREE workshop on Tuesday especially for local section leaders and anyone interested in becoming a leader with CWEA. Come learn new skills, network with other leaders, find out how your local section works within CWEA and what you can do to make your experience more successful.

How Your Local Section or Committee Can Help
The AC09 Committee is asking local sections and committees to help publicize the big conference. To make things easier, they have provided an Annual Conference announcement that you can place in your local section newsletter and at your local section and committee meetings. Be sure to include links to the registration page and the registration deadlines.
For more info or help contact Connie Leonard at 213-457-2200 or [email protected]

  Leader Links
AC 09 Registration Page:           
AC 09 Announcement for Newsletters:

Volunteers Needed for 2009 Annual Conference

Once again, the CWEA Annual Conference will be held at the  Palm Springs   Convention Center from April 28 - May 1, 2009.  And once again, as the local host, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

The volunteer sign-up sheet lists volunteer needs and timeslots for Registration, Technical Tours, Opening Session, and Sludge Trudge.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mark Gingras with the date, time, and event you would like to help out.  For more information on the specific duties, please contact the respective Committee Chairs listed in the volunteer sign-up sheet .  If you’re planning to attend the conference this year, please consider volunteering a couple hours of your time

For Registration Volunteers -  Your duties would include handing out registration packets and assisting conference attendees with directions and general information.  The booth will be manned in 2 hour shifts and beverages and snacks will be provided!  The shifts are adjusted to correspond with the conference technical sessions, to allow you the opportunity to attend sessions and earn contact hours.
If you know someone else who is attending the conference and might want to volunteer, please forward this e-mail to them or have them contact Mark Gingras

Thank you and see you in Palm Springs !!!

Leader Links:
AC 09 Volunteer Sign-up Sheet:
Mark Gingras: [email protected], (949) 453-5826


CBT’s First Month-- 84 Take the Test, 57 Pass, All Survive

The month of January 2009 marked the first month CWEA offered its Technical Certification Program via Computer-Based Testing, after 71 years of paper-and-pencil tests.  Sixteen wastewater professionals took the test at the Pearson VUE testing center of their choice…8 took a Collections Systems Maintenance test, 6 took a Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance test, 1 took an Industrial Treatment Plant Operations test, and 1 took a Laboratory Analyst test.  At least one person took the test in 4 of the 6 vocations.  CWEA staff is connecting with these early test-takers to get feedback on their experience.   

Ken Mendum of the Yorba Linda Water District and a member of CWEA’s Santa Ana River Basin Section took CWEA’s very first CBT exam (Collections Systems Grade 1)…and passed.  We asked him what he thought of the computer-based testing delivery and if there was anything to change or add.  Ken’s answer:   “it was very user friendly.  I would leave it like it is as I found no problem with it.”  We asked if he had any difficulty navigating through the exam.  Ken’s answer:  “None whatsoever.” 

 Here’s more feedback from Ken, our first test-taker:
Ken told us that scheduling by phone “did not take long and it was painless.”

  • Ken shared that “parking was good” at the test site but “had to do some leg work to find the testing room” located in a college campus.
  • He said the test proctor was friendly and helpful and got him started on his test 10 minutes early.
  • He described the testing environment as “a small room with about 8-10 computers.  There was only one other person in the room with me so it was very quiet.”
  • There was a little confusion about what he could bring into the exam room so Ken suggested clarifying that in our literature. 

So far, 606 wastewater professionals have applied to take the test in the first CBT testing window (January to March 2009).  Of those applicants, 84 have taken the test, 220 have scheduled a date at a Pearson VUE testing center, 54 applicants have applied for the next testing window - April to June 2009.

Testing Window

Testing Dates

Application Deadline

Spring 09

April - June

February 27, 2009

Summer 09


May 29, 2009

Fall 09


August 31, 2009

Winter 10


November 30, 2009

Leader Links
Certification Application Page:
Computer-based Testing Page:

E-Bulletin Articles Due February 10

Local Section and Committee Material Needed For March Issue
We are beginning work on the March E-Bulletin. If you would like to share news from your committee or section with the rest of CWEA please email your photos, updates, and articles to Chris Lundeen [email protected] by Tuesday February 10. Here is a starter list of topics you may want to include in the next E-Bulletin:  


  • Awards Banquets
  • Dinner meetings
  • Trainings (what you have done, and what you are planning)
  • Tours  

Member News:

  • Picnics
  • Awards
  • Retirements
  • Promotions

  Don’t forget the photos (separate JPEG files or embedded into a Word document will work).

  February and April Issues Merged into one March Issue

To save on expenses this year, the Board Executive Committee has eliminated one issue of the E-Bulletin this fiscal year. The February and March issues have been combined into a March issue.

Leader Links:
Send Articles and ideas to:
Chris Lundeen [email protected]
E-Bulletin Article Page:

Committee and Local Section Orientation Packets Online

The Committee and Local Section Orientation packets are a great reference for new and experienced CWEA leaders. Each year they are revised and released in September. In our continuing efforts to conserve resources the orientation packets (formerly printed binders) are now available for download on the CWEA web site (see links below). The leadership area of the website also offers a wealth of information and resources for CWEA leaders.

  If you haven’t browsed through the leadership packets or leadership web pages for a while, you may want to take some time to check out what is available. These resources answer just about every question local section and committee leaders have.

  Leader Links:
Local Section Orientation Packet:
Committee & Liaison Orientation Packet:
Leadership Web Pages:

Please note: Login required. Your "user name" is your member number.  
Your "password" is your first initial(no space)last name.

Hot Tips for Next Awards Season

Show State Winners and add Trophies
Sacramento Area Section does it. San Francisco Bay Section just got started… offering trophy cups for local section team awards (e.g. Plant of the Year). The plaque is engraved with each year’s winner and the trophy is passed from winner to winner each year.  This really ups the ante for the competition to keep the trophy! Contact SF Bay Section Awards Chair Rick Chan at [email protected] for more info.

SF Bay Section also boosts interest in awards by showing the SF Bay Section winners from the previous year who went on to win at the stat level in a slide show during the awards banquet.

  Leader Links:
Awards Page:
SFBS Awards Chair Rick Chan: [email protected]

Post Your Local Section and Committee Events on the CWEA Web Calendar

You can list your CWEA local section or committee events on the CWEA web calendar. Just email the name of the event, the date, contact and or registration info (phone number or email), and the web address of any registration info to us at [email protected].

Instructions on posting events are also on the top of the calendar page.

Leader Links
CWEA Web Calendar:
Email Events To:
[email protected]

Promote Your Certification Study Sessions  

Certification study sessions are posted on the study session web page and on the web calendar. Staff also includes study session registration information along with the receipt letters that go to certification applicants. If you are hosting a study session, send your registration materials to staff as soon as possible so they can help promote your event.

  Leader Links
Staff Contact To Post Study Sessions:
Leslie Carino [email protected], 510-382-7800 x107
Study Session Web Page: 


STAFF CONTACTS - 510-382-7800


Latasha King x 110


Publications & Advertising

Chris Lundeen x 104


Local Sections & Committees

Chris Lundeen  x 104


SSO-WDR Training

Serena Miller x 115


Brian Murray x 102


Awards & Leaderlink

Jodee Schwan x 125



Leslie Carino x 107


Conferences & Exhibits

Marci Chase x 120



Leadership Calendar





February 5

Local section presidents, vice presidents, and committee leaders in south

Southern Regional Committee meeting, San Diego .

Connie Leonard [email protected]

February 6-7

All leaders welcome

CWEA Board workshop and meeting, San Diego .

Victoria Rawson [email protected]

February 10

Local section and committee leaders

E-Bulletin articles due for March issue (no February or April issues this year)

Chris Lundeen [email protected]

March 2-4 All leaders welcome P3S Conference - Monterey Mary Chen
[email protected]

April 9

Local section and committee leaders

Wastewater Professional articles due for July Issue.

Chris Lundeen [email protected]

April 20

Local section and committee leaders

E-Bulletin articles due for June issue.

Chris Lundeen [email protected]

April 28 - May1 All leaders welcome 81st Annual Conference Mary Chen
[email protected]

April 28

All leaders welcome

CWEA Board meeting, Palm Springs .

Victoria Rawson [email protected]

April 30

local section and committees

Annual work plan & budgets for FY 2009-10 due for local sections and committees.

Brian Murray [email protected]

May 2

All leaders welcome

CWEA Board meeting, Palm Springs .

Victoria Rawson [email protected]

July 31

local section and committees

FY 2008-2009 Annual Statement, Reserve Fund report, and Inventory Report due for local section and committee.

Chris Lundeen [email protected]

Leader Link: Linking Local Sections, Committees, Board Liaisons, and Past Presidents
For more info contact us at [email protected]