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Joining CWEA is very easy and completely worthwhile. You may submit your application and payment online. Or, print the application, fill it out, then fax or mail it to CWEA with full payment. Once we have received and processed your application, we will send your new membership card to you. You should receive it approximately two to three weeks after you submit your application. 

If you are applying for a WEF membership as well, it may take six to eight weeks to receive your membership card.

The CWEA membership includes complimentary membership in one Local Section of your choice. Participation in your Local Section provides additional--and valuable--opportunities for training, knowledge exchange, and one-on-one contact with your fellow wastewater professionals. For information on selecting your complimentary Local Section, please consult our Local Sections Boundary Description

You are welcome to join more than one Local Section. After you have selected your first, complimentary Local Section membership, please indicate any others you'd like to join and add $12 for each. If you have already completed and submitted your membership application when you decide you would like to join additional Local Sections, fill out this form and fax or mail it back to CWEA with payment.

Join CWEA today. A world of connections and opportunities awaits you. 

Join Online
Fax or Mail this form to CWEA

Please contact (510) 382-7800 or email [email protected] for more information on joining CWEA.