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Who are we

Dedicated to educating wastewater professionals…
The California Water Environment Association is a non-profit education and technical organization for people involved in the wastewater industry. The purpose is to enhance the education and effectiveness of California's wastewater professionals through training, certification, dissemination of technical information and promotion of sound policies to benefit society through protection and enhancement of the water environment.

Providing opportunities for professional growth and recognition…
Through its voluntary Technical Certification Program, CWEA provides opportunities for professional growth. Voluntary tests are written by vocational specialists, and administered twice yearly in six different disciplines: Collection System Maintenance; Laboratory Analysis; Mechanical Technology; Electrical & Instrumentation; Environmental Compliance Inspection; and Industrial Waste Treatment Operation.

CWEA and its local sections hold trainings and conferences throughout the year all across the state. From the multi-day Annual Conference in April each year to the one day Specialty Conferences and Local Section Dinner Meetings, CWEA has something for everyone. The sessions include timely and informative technical programs. Also, vendor and equipment exhibits offer members a unique opportunity to make contact with the providers of goods and services, and review new products and services developed for utilization in the wastewater industry.

Professional accomplishment is recognized through an awards program that presents more than 300 awards annually. Awards are given for distinguished service, significant contributions to the field, and for leadership in the promotion of issues affecting wastewater.

CWEA also has a scholarship program that annually awards money to students interested in wastewater careers.

Click here for a listing of CWEA’s Objectives, Vision Statement, and Organizational Values that have been created in order to realize our organizational purpose.