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Programs of work
CWEA is continually working to serve its members and the wastewater and water quality industries in the state of California, nationally, and internationally. At the very nature of the work that CWEA does is its volunteer base, without which none of the work of CWEA would be possible. Together the over 350 active volunteers in California and 8 professional staff members deliver services in the following categories:

There are over 20 categories for CWEA awards, which honor CWEA members and wastewater professionals in California. The program serves to recognize outstanding professional achievements within the wastewater field, improve the professional status of all personnel working in the wastewater industry and related fields, and stimulate public awareness of the importance of wastewater treatment to public health and the water environment.

Awards are given at the local section level, and then advance to state competition. Winners at the state level are submitted to the Water Environment Federation for competition at the national level. Forms delivered to all committee chairs and local section awards chairs, and are available starting August 1st by contacting CWEA staff at (510) 382-7800.

The CWEA Board of Directors is made up of 16 volunteers who are elected by the CWEA membership at the Annual Business meeting and 1 who is appointed by the CWEA President. These 17 volunteers work to enable an effective system of governance for matters relating to the business of CWEA, provide overall direction and planning for the future, provide leadership training and mentoring, and improve the professional status of personnel in the wastewater industry and related fields.

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CWEA committees work to provide the wastewater industry and the general public with up-to-date technical information and training related to the water quality field. Committees enable CWEA to produce and maintain conference programs, technical articles for CWEA's publications, a professionally sound awards program, and a validated certification program

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CWEA manages several conference and training styles to reach every profession and person in the wastewater industry including annual, regional, and specialty or vocation-focused conferences, joint conferences with other associations interested in water quality, and local section and committee training events.

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Local Sections
CWEA has divided the state into 17 geographical Local Sections to accommodate its members' needs across the state in a local format. Local Sections provide a multitude of services for wastewater professions in their geographical area such as training events, exhibits, awards programs, newsletters, website information, networking opportunities, and certification preparation assistance.

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CWEA is a membership association, which means that its primary focus is to serve the needs of its members - wastewater professionals in California. To ensure that these needs are being met, CWEA works to provide training, certification, opportunities for professional networking and growth, and recognition. CWEA also contacts members with information about the association and through membership surveys.

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CWEA has several publications for its members and all wastewater professionals. These include:

  • Wastewater Professional
  • E-Bulletin
  • On-line Directory
  • Study Guides and Instructor Guides

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Technical Certification
CWEA has developed a voluntary certification program that is continually validated. The program consists of development and implementation of exams and renewal processes for 6 vocations in the wastewater profession.

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The Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship provides annual scholarships for members and their immediate family attending a college, university, community college, or technical trade school and pursuing a course of study related to the Water Environment Field. It is awarded to applicants who are selected by the Scholarship Committee.

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Water Environment Federation (WEF)
CWEA works as a part of the international organization of the Water Environment Federation, as well as with other associations interested in preserving water quality. As our National association, WEF provides a national perspective on wastewater issues of concern to our members.

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