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Committee descriptions

More than 20 standing committees help bring to life CWEA's training events, publications, awards programs, and technical certification program.

Complete List of Board Members and Committee Chairs

Biosolids Committee
To develop and implement biosolids related educational programs for regulators, the public, the agricultural community, wastewater professionals, biosolids haulers and biosolids land appliers.

Collection Systems Committee
To disseminate fundamental and practical training and knowledge concerning the collection system and mechanical appurtenances used in wastewater systems, and the design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and management of collection systems and the mechanical equipment of a wastewater system.
Visit the Southern Sections Collection Systems website

Engineering Research Committee
To enhance the knowledge and practice of sanitary engineering in all aspects of water pollution control and related activities, by educational efforts and the promotion, exchange and dissemination of information to all members of the Association.

Government Affairs Committee
To inform the Association members and other water environment professionals of pending and newly adopted laws and regulations. The Committee will also make local and California state lawmakers aware that the Committee stands ready to review and comment on proposed laws and regulations and provide technical advice/education if needed. The members of this committee are CWEA's representatives to Tri-TAC.

History Committee
To collect publications and articles, photographs and other memorabilia of the Association, sections, committees, programs and Leaders. The Committee will organize, catalog and archive materials. Also, it seeks to enhance the reputation of the Association through material memorializing the Association.

Laboratory Training Committee
To develop and conduct educational programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of wastewater laboratory personnel of all levels.

Leadership Development Committee
Support CWEA members in their endeavors to become effective leaders in their respective fields and support their pursuit of leadership roles. Develop and expand supervisorial and management skills, acquire skills for embracing and managing change, develop strong communications and interpersonal skills and develop leadership skills that will translate into improved agency organization/performance.

Manufacturers Committee
To advise the Association in policy matters pertaining to member manufacturers and representatives and to support and assist Exhibitors Committees at all Association Conferences.

Northern Regional Committee (NRC)
To provide direction, resources and communication between the Northern Sections/ Committees and the CWEA Board, as well as assist in educational and conference planning. Quick link to NRC fileshare. Contact Polly Villarreal to contribute.

Operator and Maintenance Training Committee
To develop and implement educational programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of wastewater treatment plant operations and maintenance personnel.

Pretreatment Pollution Prevention & Stormwater Committee (P3S)
To promote professional and technical excellence in the field of water pollution source control, including pretreatment, pollution prevention, and stormwater through education and training. 

Community Engagement and Outreach Committee
To develop and implement educational programs for personnel in the water pollution control field who implement or participate in community information or community education activities.

Safety Committee
To coordinate and oversee the educational safety programs conducted by the Association and to cooperate with the Federation Safety Committee programs in providing information and educational materials, representing member interests in OSHA standards development and in other activities relevant to improving the safety records of the water pollution control field.

Scholarship Committee
The Kirt Brooks Scholarship Committee was created to develop and implement educational assistance for members and their immediate family. The Committee also coordinates and oversees the fund and scholarship fund raising efforts.

Southern Regional Committee (SRC)
To maintain liaison between the Southern California local sections, the Northern Regional Committee and the Board of Directors, as well as coordinate region wide activities and conferences.

Student and Young Professionals Committee
To recognize the important role students and young professionals play in the future of our Association by developing and promoting programs for students and young professionals, providing a voice for academia, and encouraging student participation and young professional participation and membership in CWEA.

Technical Certification Program Committee
To develop and implement a multilevel technical certification program for individuals employed in the wastewater field. Responsible for coordinating the applications process, examination development, examination administration and certification renewal.

Training Coordination Committee
To coordinate training activities throughout the Association, working with Local Section Professional Development Committees and all Committees of CWEA that have training responsibilities or activities; and to develop and produce specialty workshops that provide training in all aspects of the wastewater profession.