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Information for Those Seeking a Wastewater Career
There are a number of different jobs in the wastewater field including:

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Collection System Maintenance Technicians
Environmental Compliance Inspectors
Laboratory Analysts
Instrumentation Technicians
Industrial Pretreatment Plant Operators

For information about qualifications for these jobs you should check job announcements and certification requirements.

Many wastewater jobs require you to be certified. To become certified you must meet certain qualifications and pass a written test that tests technical knowledge in the field. In California operators of wastewater treatment plants owned by the public must be certified by the State Water Resources Control Board. Many employers require CWEA certification for certain jobs. Other employers may give salary or promotional incentives for those employees who are certified by CWEA. If you are considering a career in the wastewater field, you should check job announcements and job descriptions to see which certifications, if any, are appropriate.

General  Information About Operator Careers

 Water Environment and American Water Works Association Career Resources
Check out Work for Water, a jobs clearinghouse launched in summer 2010 to help students become engaged in water environment and public safety careers.