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An Invaluable Resource

If you are serious about passing your certification test you should consider purchasing the study guide for your vocation and grade level.

CWEA offers individual study guides for each grade within the six certification vocations. The books cover everything from certification policies, descriptions of the test subject areas, a diagnostic sample test, a math refresher, reading assignments, a math anxiety section, and an extensive glossary.

Using Your Study Guide Effectively
The study guides are designed to be one component of a study regime that includes review of other widely used texts in the vocation and participation at CWEA local section sponsored study sessions. Since the certification test measures the general knowledge needed to perform the job competently, as opposed to a certificate of completion for a study course, it covers a wide variety of job-related topics. Since there are a wide variety of job-related topics, no single book can adequately cover all of the material required to perform complex jobs with competence. Of course, to prepare for the test by studying all available training material would be nearly impossible too. The study guides assist test takers by summarizing the basic subject areas (Skill Sets) and giving specific reading assignments from a limited set of outside training books. In a sense, the study guides are like an "instructor on paper" who goes over basic concepts, assigns reading, and gives practice tests.

Since the study guides are not an all-encompassing texts for the vocations, it is important to review the assigned reading in other books. Purchasing the study guide early will allow enough time to find the other books and begin the reading assignments. Remember: the key to preparation is to start early so that you minimize surprises at the last minute. If you give yourself plenty of time, and prepare methodically, you will be much better off.

Local Section Sponsored Study Sessions
The study sessions are another great way to help you prepare. However, each session covers two grade levels in about 2.5 hours. Don't expect to learn everything you need to know on the test right there. Instead, go prepared. Read your assignments from the study guide ahead of time and make notes of questions. Then take your questions to the study session. This makes the study sessions much more valuable to you and other participants. If you have a question about some of the material, there are sure to be others wondering the same thing.

Study Guides Available on MyCWEA.org
Study guides are available for download at MyCWEA.org. All study guides are in electronic format and are free to CWEA members.