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Study Sessions

CWEA Regional Study Sessions
All study sessions are hosted by CWEA Local Sections. The CWEA Northern and Southern Regional Committees work with CWEA Local Sections to coordinate about 6 study sessions per year that are held at various locations and dates. Registration for these regionally coordinated study sessions is available online at myCWEA.org.

Upcoming Regional Study Sessions

Additional CWEA Local Section Study Sessions
In addition to the regionally coordinated study sessions, some CWEA Local Sections offer their own independent study sessions. Check with your CWEA local section to find other certification preparation opportunities. Registration for these study sessions are handled directly through the Local Section.

What to Expect at the Study Session
Study sessions give candidates preparing for the test a chance to discuss test topics with experienced moderators and others preparing for the test. Since each session is only three hours long, it is not possible to exhaustively cover all material for each test. It is recommended that test-takers study on their own beforehand to take full advantage of the study session. Click here for test taking tips.

To enhance your experience the day of the study session, do a self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses by using this test preparation tool. Jot down the KSAs you need work on and ask the moderator how you can best learn more about the KSA.

What to Bring to a Study Session
Paper, pencil, a calculator and a CWEA vocation study guide related to the topic. Study guides are available only to CWEA members. Log into our online service center to get your copy.


For general wastewater educational resources download
the SWRCB Wastewater Training Directory

Michigan Water Environment Association
Michigan candidates can contact MWEA for more information regarding study sessions.

Contact: [email protected] web: www.mi-wea.org
Hawaii Water Environment Association
Contact: [email protected] web: www.hwea.org