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Preparing for the test

Study Sessions
Study Sessions sponsored by CWEA local sections are a good way to prepare for your test. There is usually at least one session in northern California, southern California, and Michigan. The dates vary, but are usually within one month of the test date. Information about all study sessions is mailed to certificate applicants.

Study Guides
The Study Guides summarize the basic subject areas (called "Knowledge, Skills and Abilities") and giving specific reading assignments from a limited set of outside training books. A complete diagnostic test is also included. In a sense, the Study Guides are like an "instructor on paper" who goes over basic concepts, assigns reading, and gives practice tests.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) Gap Tool
The KSA gap tool is designed to help the test candidate determine which KSA's they need to learn more about in order to be certain that they qualify to sit for the test and be successful in earning the certification. Each KSA gap tool below includes the KSA statements for all grade levels.

Online Resources for Certificate Candidates
Check here for Study Guide updates, and information on ordering referenced books

Formula Sheets
No need to memorize these formulas because they are given on the test (you should know how to use them though).