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Certification Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics and Procedures have been revised as of January 28,  2006. Since the Code has been revised CWEA is no longer requiring certificate holders or applicants to Code until 2007. Those renewing their January 2006 certificates no longer need to sign the Code and may renew as usual. 
The CWEA Code of Ethics establishes basic standards of  values and conduct for certificate applicants and certificate holders. The Code applies only to CWEA certificate holders. The intent of the Code is to identify the circumstances that may compromise the reliability of CWEAs certification process to establish, or certify, the minimal competency of a certificate holder or applicant. Any action of a certificate holder or applicant that compromises the reliability of the certification process may be subject to the process described by the Ethics Procedures.
The Code of Ethics
A copy of the current Code of Ethics
The Ethics Procedure [PDF]
Download the entire Code of Ethics and the due process procedures for Code of Ethics violations.
Purpose of the Code of Ethics
Information about the rationale behind the Code of Ethics
When the Code Will Become Effective and for Whom
The Code will become effective January 2006.  Only CWEA certificate holders and applicants are affected by the Code. 
Benefits of a Code of Ethics
Find out why the Code is beneficial to certificate holders and employers.
Enforcement of the Code of Ethics
Learn more about how and under what circumstances the Code will be enforced.
Essential Duties for each Vocation
The Essential Duties are what each certificate holder is expected to perform with at least minimal competence. 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Check here for frequently asked questions about the Code of Ethics
Printable Version of Code of Ethics Info Sheet
Show and print all information about the Code of Ethics published on this web site, except for the due process Procedures.
Codes of Ethics in Other Industries
Many industries have similar Codes of Ethics.