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Training and Education Programs Approved for Contact Hours
Training session may be approved for contact hours as long as it is relevant to the essential duties of the specific discipline certified by CWEA. We have developed a list of training opportunities approved by CWEA for continuing education.  If there is a training session you believe should be approved for contact hours, please email us at [email protected] .org and we will forward the request to subject matter experts for approval. In-house training does not require pre-approval. For more information, please visit the in-house trainer page.

Training Focus

Trainer Information

Contact Hours

Date Offered


Pesticide Training for Sewer Workers
(Approved for all vocations)

Duke’s Root Control, Inc.
P.O. Box
Castro Valley
, CA     





Tom Edwards
[email protected]

Chemistry for Environmental Professionals 
(Approved for all vocations)


EPA-Regional Coordinator
75 Hawthorne Street

San Francisco
, CA

Up to 24


Chereamie Bischoff [email protected]

Various Training Courses
(Approved for most vocations)

National Technology Transfer, Inc.
7337 S. Revere Pkwy.

, CO

Up to 28


Stephanie Carlberg [email protected] 
800-363-7758 ext. 332

Pre-approved training meets the basic requirements of the CWEA certification continuing education requirement. CWEA does not endorse or recommend these courses, or guarantee the technical accuracy or usefulness of the courses. Please research and choose courses carefully. If you have any comments about courses listed that you have attended or if you would like to add a course, please contact us at (510) 382-7800.