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    CWEA Technical Certification Program Policies

Test Applications
Test applications are valid for four test windows. Tests are administered in English, are computer based, and must be taken at an authorized and proctored facility. Appeals to alter the test to accommodate language barriers and/or computer illiteracy will be denied.

Test Rescheduling Instructions (within your testing window)
To reschedule an existing test appointment within the same testing window, call Pearson VUE directly at least one business day before your existing test appointment. Failing to notify Pearson VUE at least one business day before the existing test appointment will cause you to lose all test fees. You will also be required to pay an additional fee to reschedule within the testing window.

Call the CWEA office if you must reschedule (transfer) your existing test appointment in a different testing window. 

Test Transferring (outside your testing window)
Rescheduling an existing test appointment in a different testing window is called "transferring."  Only two transfers are allowed for each candidate per year. You do not need to pay a fee to transfer to the next testing window.  If you transfer your test appointment a second time, or if you transfer your appointment to a testing window other than the next one, you will pay an additional test delivery fee. You will lose your application fee if you do not notify CWEA to transfer your test application within 5 business days after your testing window ends.

Retest Instructions
Candidates who need to take their tests again must submit an application and the appropriate fees. All candidates must skip at least one testing window before retesting. To be eligible to use the Retest Application candidates must schedule the new test within the same year as the original test. If you will retest more than a year after your original test date, you will need to fill out the regular test application. Submit the appropriate form to CWEA along with the appropriate testing fees and wait to receive your approval letter. You will then be able to schedule your test.

Test Cancellations Instructions
To cancel your test application or appointment, you must notify CWEA in writing, with a signed letter; you may email or mail (a phone call will not be sufficient). Your written request must be received at the CWEA office before your test window begins if you wish to avoid losing all the fees you have paid. If you have a scheduled test appointment with Pearson VUE, you must contact them directly to cancel your appointment in addition to notifying the CWEA office. Refunds (with an administrative fee deducted) will be mailed within four weeks. There are no exceptions to this policy.

The following will cause you to lose your test fees:

  • Failing to appear at your scheduled test appointment;
  • Arriving at the testing site without a current, government-issued photo ID;
  • Arriving at the testing site 15 minutes after your scheduled test appointment.

If you missed your test appointment, arrived 15 minutes (or more) late, or did not have proper identification, you will need to pay a delivery fee. This fee is required if you would like a new test appointment authorization code.

Item Appeals
Candidates can appeal specific test questions by using the function Flag to Enter a Comment during the test (in the Comment Review screen). You are allowed to add comments about any question as long as you have time remaining. CWEA staff and subject matter experts will review the comments.

Test Result Notification
Immediately after your test, you will see your score on the screen. An Unofficial Score Report will be given to you before you leave the test site. To request a copy from Pearson VUE, please call 888-749-3881.  They will mail or email a copy to you.

Official test results are mailed no more than four weeks after the test date. All results are confidential and will only be released to the certificate candidate. No results will be given over the phone, or by fax or email.  

Issue of Certificate
Certificates will be issued to all candidates who pass the examination. Certificates are mailed with your official test results.

Test Site Admission
Certificate candidates are required to show at least one current, valid, government-issued photo identification (State driver’s license or ID, or passport). You do not need to bring your eligibility letter to the test site.

Test Security
Candidates are only allowed to bring an approved calculator (see below for a description) into the test site.  

Calculator policy
An onscreen calculator (basic and scientific) is available in all CWEA tests. Candidates may bring a handheld calculator as long as it is from the CWEA-approved calculator list. See models below.  

Casio All FX-115 models (any Casio calculator with FX-115 in its name)
Texas Instruments All TI-30x and TI-36x models
Sharp EL models except EL-W516B and EL-W535B

Renewal of Certification:
All certificates must be renewed annually. Certifications expire one year from the last day of the month in which the certification test was held. Renewal notices are mailed to certificate holders three months before the expiration date. It is the certificate holder’s responsibility to ensure that his or her certifications remain valid.  

Certificates that have been expired for  more than two months are subject to the renewal fee plus a late fee. The late fee is a flat fee that increases over time: the longer the certificate holder waits to renew, the greater the fee. A retest is required for certificates expired more than one year.

CWEA certificate holders shall be required to renew certificates annually. Certificate holders shall also be required to provide evidence of completion of the required 12 contact hours of continuing education for certificate renewal every two years, beginning with all certificates renewable in January 2004. For more information, visit CWEA’s website.
Americans with Disabilities Act:
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodations will be provided for those individuals who provide CWEA with a physician’s certificate (or its equivalent) documenting a physical or psychological disability that may affect the individual’s ability to successfully complete the certification examination. Written requests for reasonable accommodations must be submitted with the test application.

Language barriers and lack of familiarity with computers are not covered under ADA laws.

All policies are subject to change.