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CWEA Manuals and Other Books
Best Practices Manuals from the Collection System Collaborative Benchmarking Group
About the Benchmarking Group
  • Sanitary Sewer Overflow Prevention and Response Plan (SSOPRP) info sheet
    A best practices guide for the development and implementation of a Sanitary Sewer Overflow Prevention and Response Plan (SSOPRP) that will help your agency to:
    • Eliminate your system's preventable SSOs
    • Understand current regulatory requirements
    • Ensure timely corrective action is taken
    • Develop a clear and consistent SSO prevention & response 

  • Hydroflush Cleaning  of Small-Diameter Sewers
    Seven California wastewater utilities collaborated to develop this set of best practices for hydroflushing small-diameter sewers. This manual is the result of observing work practices, discussing  processes, and "tricks of the trade." 

Other Books Published by CWEA

  • Laboratory Procedures & Chemistry for Operators of Water Pollution Control Plants (from 2001 Kerri Course)
    This is excerpted from the Cal State Sacramento Operation of Wastewater Treatment Field Study Guide Volume I. It's a great resource for operators who have to conduct water tests, or for lab analysts who are preparing for the CWEA Laboratory Analyst certification tests.

  • Biosolids Land Application Management: Manual of Good Practice (1998)
    The Biosolids MOGP has established a standard of excellence for applying biosolids to agricultural land. Issues addressed include nuisance abatement, good neighbor relationships, and shared responsibilities among all parties with the goal of enhancing biosolids recycling. The Manual of Good Practice has been prepared under the direction of the Biosolids Manual of Practice Sub-Committee of the California Water Environment Association Biosolids Committee. Over 40 experts from throughout the United States have contributed to the development of this Manual. Funds for the development of this manual were generously donated by agencies concerned that biosolids land application be done right. This is also an excellent study reference for the CWEA Biosolids Land Application Management certification test.

Study Guides for Certication Tests
Study Guides may be downloaded for free for CWEA Members. If you have any questions or difficulties with your download, please email or call (510) 382-7800 x119.