The Outstanding Young Professional award from the Students and Young Professional’s Committee recognizes professionals who demonstrate excellence in the profession and are under the age of 35. 


Submit a narrative which is limited to approximately 6 pages of text. A person may be nominated based on their performance on the job and/or their volunteer involvement.

Please address the following subject areas, if applicable, which are used for the evaluation:

  1. Describe the nominee’s job; include his/her functions and relationship to other employees.

    • Please describe how the nominee has gone above and beyond expectations while on the job.

    • How has the nominee grown as a leader at work?

      Please provide specific examples.

  2. Describe the nominee’s involvement and accomplishments at the Local Section, Regional/State and/or national (WEF) level. Please be specific and describe all participation including meeting/conference attendance, presentations given, any leadership positions held or Committee/Task Force involvement.

    • Please describe how the nominee has gone above and beyond expectations.

    • How has the nominee grown as a leader? Please provide specific examples.

Provide statements from two (2) professional references (e.g. mentor/mentee, coworker, CWEA colleague, etc.) describing their experiences working with the nominee.

Statements are exempt from the 6 page limit.



For most CWEA awards, you must apply at your Local Section level first. Direct your questions to the Local Section Awards Chair. If you need additional assistance, contact Megan Barillo at [email protected].