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Our Mission

The purpose of the Sierra Section is to enhance the education and technology, to protect the quality of our water resources and promote the ecological balance with the environment’s and other resources, such as land and air.

Our Values

  • Professionalism - following the highest standards of technical and ethical conduct; supportive of CWEA at all times.
  • Accountability - responsible and answerable for our actions, assignments and duties within the organization.
  • Responsiveness - providing timely service to our members; reacting quickly to meet the changing needs of our members.
  • Excellence - providing outstanding quality products and services; doing our best at all times.
  • Knowledge - gathering and learning the latest information for the use in developing training and education programs; using sound data in the decision making process.
  • Adaptability - keeping in turn with changing circumstances and requirements in order to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of our members.
  • Inclusion - respecting all of our members and striving to insure that opportunity of participation and advancement is available.
  • Fun - through our volunteer efforts, there will be concurrent opportunities for enjoyment and fulfillment.

Our Objectives

The advancement of fundamental knowledge of the water environment, its basic qualities, and the physical laws governing its interaction with other aspects of the environment and with the anesthetic, economic, and biological needs of the earth's inhabitants.

The advancement of practical knowledge in the technology, design, construction, operation, and management of water quality control system and facilities. The increased understanding of the nature and function of the earth's natural waterways, surface, subsurface, and atmosphere, and encouragement and promotion of action necessary to preserve and enhance them.

The implementation of the objectives previously stated through an exchange of information and experience among its members, and other interested persons, by conducting meetings of its members.

The publication and distribution of information relating to the water quality control field.

The promotion of public understanding and the encouragement of sound regional policy in matters relating to the quality control field.

The improvement of the professional status of all personnel engages in any aspect of the quality control field including, but not limited to, the design, management, and operation of water quality control systems.

The simulation of public awareness of the relationship of water resources to the general public welfare, and the need for preservation and reuse of water resources.

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