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Do you know of a business that deserves recognition for their efforts in the area(s) of waste minimization, wastewater treatment technology, and/or pollution prevention practices? Here is your chance to give them the credit and recognition they deserve.  The CWEA Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention, and Stormwater (P3S) Committee (formerly known as the Industrial & Hazardous Waste Committee) is currently soliciting nominations for the 2016 Facility of the Year Awards. These awards are intended to recognize facilities for their outstanding and innovative solutions in multimedia waste management.


Each year in the Fall, the committee solicits nominations from wastewater professionals, industrial users, and interested parties across the state of California.  We seek industrial users who have demonstrated a commitment to wastewater and waste management excellence as demonstrated by their management practices, operating procedures, process choices, and community involvement.  It is a pleasure each year to applaud members of industry for setting examples which can be followed by others.


Nominees from the north and south are evaluated separately.  We use a boundary just north of the greater Los Angeles area.  The awards process provides for nominees to be categorized as either small or large plant.  A pair of judging committees in northern and southern California each review the applications, choose, finalists, and tour each finalist facility.  Using standardized judging criteria, winners are chosen.  These winners and often times runners-up are presented the prestigious Wastewater Excellence Award at the P3S committee annual conference, each Winter.


Nomination documents may be obtained by visiting the P3S website at Also this year we will have an option to nominate online through the CWEA Awards Website:  This year’s nomination deadline is December 9, 2016 (updated from November 18).


Interesting Facts:

-- The judging committee is often asked from how many potential awardees are the finalists chosen.  We estimate that we draw from over 4000 potential industrial facilities.

-- Each finalist has achieved full compliance with its applicable wastewater pretreatment regulations.

-- As a result of reduce, reuse, recycle, some past finalists have achieved "zero discharge."


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