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2015 Meg Herston, Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District
2014 - - -
2013 - - -
2012 Peter Fong, SBSA
2011 - - -
2010 Michael Simpson, City of Los Angeles
2009 Joseph Petchunk, City of Santa Monica
2008 Norman Domingo, South Bayside System Authority
2007 Paul Schmidtbauer, South Orange County Wastewater Authority
2006 Gary Welling, City of Santa Monica
2005 Deon Carrico, Orange County Sanitation District
2004 Gayle Tupper
2003 Phillip Lo, LA County Sanitation Districts
2002 Kelly Christensen, Orange County Sanitation District
2001 Larry Whitney, City of Simi Valley
2000 Karen Sedlacek, City of San Buenaventura
1999 Ann Heil, LA County Sanitation Districts
1998 Joseph G. Damas, Jr., East Bay MUD
1997 Rich von Langen, CGvL Engineers
1996 Daniel Rourke, City & County of San Francisco
1995 Rebecca Bjork, City of Santa Barbara
1994 Regan Bailey, City of Riverside
1993 Mahin Talebi, Orange County Sanitation District
1992 Chris Smith, Encina Wastewater Authority
1991 Don Anderson, Loyola Marymount University
1990 William Garrett, LA County Sanitation Districts
1989 Steve Medbery, City & County of San Francisco
1988 Joseph Lucia, City of Hayward
1987 Irv Kornfeld, LA County Sanitation Districts

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