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NSVS Committees

The NSVS is looking for members who would like to get involved with our local section and volunteer to be on one of our Standing Committees. This is a great way to meet other people and have a good time. Contact one of the NSVS Board members for more information.

Membership/Outreach Committee - is responsible for:
  • Soliciting new members to the CWEA and Northern Sacramento Valley.
  • All public education activities of the section.
Awards Committee - is responsible for:
  • Selecting and recommending to the Board of Directors for local Individual and Plant of the Year Awards.
  • Recommending to the CWEA, agencies for the State Plant of the Year Award.
  • Recommending to the CWEA, candidates for Individual State and Federation Honors and Awards.
  • Encouraging and assisting Section members in access to Association and Federation Awards.
Training Committee - is responsible for:
  • Finding speakers to present topics at Local Section Training Meetings.
  • Promoting professional development, covering the topics of Laboratory, Collection System, Operator Training, and Maintenance. The committee chair will act as a liaison between the Local Section and the CWEA.
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