What's New in the North Coast Section?


The 2016 Awards and Officer Installation Banquet was held on Friday November 4, 2016 at Azalea Hall in McKinleyville. 

If you weren't with us, here's what you missed!

2016 Awards Dinner

The North Coast Section had a booth set up recently during the Redwood Acres Fair.  The booth was set up for Friday June 24th and Saturday June 25th during the fair's 4 day run.  It was continually manned by NC Section Board members. The idea was to get the word out of who the North Coast Section is and what we provide in regards to training, educating, & certifying people in the wastewater industry. It was also to let people know about the different vocations in the wastewater industry.

The 2016 North Coast Section CWEA Golf Tournament was held on Saturday June 18th.  For the full rundown on the tournament and a few pictures, check it out here.

The 2015 North Coast Section Mini Conference was held Friday September 18th.  This years conference was titled "Drying Solutions During Drying Times".  It was once again a mix of technical and regulatory topics.


(A link to the presentations is provided if available)

Session 1- Larry Conley with Flo-Trend Systems, "Sludge De-watering   Technologies"

Session 2- Chuck Roberts, Grade 3 Operator, Fortuna WWTP, "Solid Waste Management through Vermicomposting"
Session 3- Lisa Bernard, North Coast Regional Water Board, "Seasonal Discharge Prohibition Exemption Criteria For The Eel River"
Session 4- John Santos, Layfield Construction Products, "Protecting and Harvesting California's Water, Wastewater and Stormwater"
Session 5- Paul Helliker, General Manager, Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, "Adjusting to Changing Circumstances"
Session 6- Michael Stone, Therma-Flite and Rick Chicora, Rio Dell WWTP, "Class A-Choose the Way"
Session 7- Erik Lust & Dennis Houghton, City of Arcata Environmental Services, "Sludge Handling and Composting Operations"
Session 8- Harriet Hill, Humboldt County Department of Environmental Health, "Obtaining a Biosolids Composting Permit-Steps and Stumbling Blocks"


The 2015 North Coast Section CWEA Golf Tournament was held on Saturday June 13th, 2015 at Beau Pre Golf Course in McKinleyville.  For all the details and pictures from the event, check out the link below.

2015 Golf Tournament


    The 2014 Awards & Officer Installation Dinner was held on November 7, 2014 at River Lodge in Fortuna.  Go to the link for the full story and pictures!

Awards & Officer Installation Dinner



     The 2014 North Coast Section Mini-Conference was held Friday September 12th at the River Lodge in Fortuna.  There were 3 morning technical sessions, a great buffet style lunch, and 3 afternoon regulatory sessions.  


(A link to the presentations is provided if available)

Session 1-  featured Mark Moore of DN Tank speaking about "Solutions for Water Quality Issues in Your Water Storage Tank"

Session 2- was titled "Solutions for Retrofitting Your Older Concrete Water Tanks".  It was also presented by Mark Moore.

Session 3- featured Stephen Echaria from the City of Fortuna.  He spoke on "Deammonification and Humboldt".
Session 4- Tony Weidemann from the California State Board, Drinking Water Division went over new regulations adopted by the State in the last 3 years.
Session 5- Mona Dougherty with the Regional Water Quality Control Board, "Waste Discharge Requirements: What's Coming Down The Pipe".
Session 6- Dave Todd with Department of Water Resources gave his talk called "2014 Drought: A Statewide Perspective".

     The 2014  North Coast Section CWEA Golf Tournament was held on June 14th at Beau Pre Golf Course in McKinleyville.  Results and pictures are now available.

The new Pearson VUE testing center is now open at Humboldt State University.  The testing center is located on the first floor of the Library on the main HSU campus.  The testing center website is:



They can be reached at (707) 826-5666. 

     Mickey Hulstrom, the new Technical Certification Chair for the North Coast Section, called the CWEA office in Oakland to find out how a person would go about getting a test scheduled.  He says it's pretty simple and straight-forward.  Here is his report:

  How it works:

1.  An applicant fills out an application and submits it, and any associated required training hours, to CWEA. 

2. CWEA then sends out an acceptance form to applicant (assuming applicant meets all qualifications). The acceptance form has instructions where the applicant is directed to contact Pearson VUE (company CWEA contracted with to provide testing) to coordinate with them for a testing date and time at HSU.

3. Applicant takes test, Pearson VUE gets results to CWEA, CWEA responds accordingly.



Our incoming Vice President Doug Culbert recently took a test at the new testing facility and had this to say about his experience:

  "As you all may know I had a heck of a time scheduling a local test. All my correspondence was with CWEA not Pearson Vue. CWEA was very helpful in allowing me to move twice to a different “window” in order to accommodate my needs, travel and schedule.   

Once we finally got it together with the site at HSU it was pretty painless. The only issue I had was with the on-site check-in when the name on my license (Douglas E Culbert) didn’t match the name on my registration, (Doug Culbert).

The proctor wouldn’t accept it as is and actually called CWEA who in turn asked to view a scanned copy of my ID before they would allow me to test. This took about 20 minutes so it wasn’t all that bad.

I’m not sure how specific it is on the registration but we should call attention to the process if it doesn’t specify to make sure our registration matches any ID we plan to use upon arrival. Other than that I would say it’s all good!"