Twenty-five people attended the I&I Workshop on May 21st in Ferndale. The rain cooperated somewhat as attendees were able to dodge the major downpours.

Miksis Services demonstrated their trenchless point repair process and showed some of the products they have to offer. Tim Kennedy from 3T Equipment demonstrated their equipment for making small inline point repairs as well as Smart Cover technology for manhole security and overflow notification.

            Anton Loof from Oratech Controls, Inc. demonstrated flow monitoring equipment and software. The last demonstration was by Specialized Pipeline Services who showed us their video equipment for doing pipe inspections. Doug Culbert, from The City of Ferndale provided a power point presentation on what I&I is and how it occurs as well as ways to attack it. Attendees we’re questioned on their respective I&I issues and shared, for the benefit of other attendees, the different ways they controlled their I&I issues. Feedback from those in attendance was positive and everyone seemed to enjoy the training they received.