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Hints for writing articles
Tips for writing great articles (from August 2002 Leader Link)
  1. Think about the type of article you are writing: What is the message you want to get across?
  2. Use your own voice, use your own words, be you!
  3. Remember when the issue will be read. Discuss events in the past tense when they will have happened by the time the article is published.
  4. Include quotes from people who know about the subject or who attended the events being discussed.
  5. Include information for someone who wants to learn more about the topic, your committee, or your local section. This could be information to contact you, a list of your sources, or information about other articles or books on the topic.
  6. Spell Check!
  7. Include the full name and company of people you mention in the article. This makes the individual and company stand out.
  8. Take credit for your work! Include your name, work title, company, and volunteer position when you submit your article.
  9. Reread your article (out loud) before submitting and make revisions!
  10. Ask yourself if there are any legal or ethical implications of anything in the article. If so, rethink that section.