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Specialty conference info and tools
CWEA's specialty conferences deliver comprehensive, in-depth, on-day training on specialty topics. Ideal specialty conferences train approximately 50 people in each location, have a specific target audience, are in a location that is accessible to the target audience and speakers, and are given while the topic is still relevant to the target audience. Topics come from members, standing committees and the economic, social, regulatory and political environment of the wastewater industry. Topics can be pulled from: annual conference sessions, emerging national issues, new regulations, and standing committee identification of issues. CWEA's Training Coordination Committee (TCC) Chair reviews proposed topics. If the topic is feasible in the specialty workshop model, the TCC Chair and staff work with the committee to plan and implement the conference.

Each of CWEA's standing training committees is expected to produce a specialty conference every other year. Here are some tools to help you plan and execute a successful specialty conference: