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Financial reporting made easy

For the basic monthly Financial Reporting all you have to do is:

  • Send clear copy of Bank Statement for corresponding month, all pages front and back.
  • Clear copy of all cancelled checks included in bank statement.
  • Clear copy of bank deposit slip.
  • Copy of check register (preferably excel spreadsheet):
    • Show check date, number, payee, amount, line item expense account number;
    • Show deposit date, amount, and line item income account number.
  • Note any voided or cancelled checks with brief explanation.
  • Include all bills, invoices, and receipts.
  • Cover letter listing all items included in report.
  • Completed Monthly Summary Income/Expense Statement (pdf version).
  • Completed Monthly Budget Variance Statement (pdf version).

A complete list of financial reporting descriptions and due dates, and more forms to support these situational or annual reporting requirements: 

All forms here are for your convenience. If you have another mechanism or form for showing the same information, feel free to use that instead. If you are not sure about a substitute form, contact CWEA staff at (510) 382-7800, x102.

Other resources:


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