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Volunteer Recruitment tools
We are always looking for new ways to get people interested in helping out with the overwhelming amount of work that we accomplish each year. But, it's easy to forget that we don't have to start our volunteers with large tasks - like jumping right into the local section board or as a committee director. Start them early, with smaller tasks & show them the value of what they do - they'll come back for more (you did)!

Here is a tool that we developed and debuted in draft format at our Regional Committee Meetings in 2005/2006. Change it to fit your local section and/or committee needs - but don't forget the biggest pieces - follow-up & follow-through!

Volunteer Recruitment Plan - an guide to using the flyer successfully.
Volunteer Recruitment Tracking - a template to track your "hits"
Volunteer Recruitment Flyer - in Word)

Please feel free to contact Victoria Thornton if you have any questions or need any assistance.