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Biosolids: Putting Regulators and Researchers in Touch with YOU... The Practitioner

Held on January 18 in Whittier and January 19 in Dublin, the Biosolids workshop brought researchers and regulators together with over 100 CWEA members to present the most up to date Biosolids industry information. Attendees got a broad look and better understanding about what is known, what is needed, and where the Biosolids industry is headed in regards to regulations and research.

Below are the presentations and findings from the nationally known Biosolids experts.

  Speaker: Greg Kester, CASA Biosolids Program Manager, California Association of Sanitation Agencies
California Biosolids Update of Relevant Issues
  Speaker: Rick Stevens, Senior Biologist, Office of Science and Technology, US Environmental Protection Agency
History of Regulatory Development and What is on the Horizon Power Point Presentation

Speaker: Alan Hais, P.E., BCEE, WERD Program Director for the Solids Treatment, Residuals and Reuse Program
Biosolids Research - Where are We Going?


Speaker: Bob Brobst, P.E., Biosolids Coordinator, US Environmental Protection Agency Region 8
Putting Presence or Absence of Constituents in Biosolids in Perspective Power Point Presentation
TNSSS Comparison Metals Chart
Concentration Calculation Worksheet
Estimating Risk from Contaminates Contained in Agricultural Fertilizers Report
Metals Spreadsheet
Pharmaceuticals Results from sampling of 74 POTWs in USA
Hormones and Sterols Results from sampling of 74 POTWs in USA

  Speaker: Tom Young, PhD, Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis
Triclosan and Triclocarban in Biosolids

Speaker: Robert Bastian,Wastewater Manager, US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Wastewater Management
Dioxin and Radiation in Biosolids

  Speaker: Marylynn Yates, PhD,Professor of Water and Wastewater Microbiology, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of California, Riverside
Microorganisms in Biosolids

Speaker: Rufus Chaney, Research Agronomist, US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service
Overview of Chemical Research from Biosolids Land Application
Cadmium and Zinc in Soils
Phytoremediation of Soil Trace Elements


Speaker: Sally Brown, PhD, Research Associate Professor: Soil Amendments, In situ Remediation, Carbon Sequestration, University of Washington
Climate Change Issues Powerpoint Presentation
Biosolids in Urban Areas
Supporting Documentation
Calculator Tool for Determining Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Biosolids Processing and End Use
Summary of Wastewater Treatment Inputs and Co2 Equivalent Totals