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69 jobs currently available
Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency
Chief Plant Operator (Close date: 01/05/2015)
Active Treatment Systems, Inc.
Part Time Water Treatment Technician (Close date: 1/6/14)
Ironhouse Sanitary District
Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Mechanic (Close date: 10/20/14)
City of Sunnyvale
Laboratory/Field Technician (Close date: 10/20/2014)
City of Redding
Wastewater Laboratory Technician (Close date: 10/22/14)
East Bay Municipal Utility District
Associate Electrical Engineer (Wastewater) (Close date: 10/24/14)
Mesa Water District
Water Quality & Compliance Supervisor (Close date: 10/26/14)
Orange County Sanitation District
Lead Mechanic (Close date: 10/30/2014)
Irvine Ranch Water District
Analyst (Regulatory Compliance) (Close date: 10/31/14)
City of Lompoc
Water Plant Operator I/II (Close date: 10/31/2014)
City of Lompoc
Water Plant Operations Supervisor (Close date: 10/31/2014)
Mt. View Sanitary District
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (Close date: 10/31/2014)
City of Woodland
Senior Utilities Maintenance Worker (Water Dist) (Close date: 10/31/2014)
City of Escondido
Control Systems Analyst (Close date: 10-20-14)
City of San Mateo
Environmental Compliance Inspector (Close date: 11/03/2014)
City of Carlsbad
Sanitation System Operator III (Close date: 11/03/2014)
Carmel Area Wastewater District
Wastewater Treatment Plant - Senior Operator (Close date: 11/07/14)
City of San Mateo
Wastewater Plant Operator I/II (Close date: 11/07/2014)
City of Yuba City
Instrumentation Technician (Close date: 11/07/2014)
City of Napa
Control System Specialist (Close date: 11/09/14)
City of San Mateo
Laboratory Analyst I/II (Close date: 11/10/2014)
Novato Sanitary District
Collection System Worker I/II (Close date: 11/13/2014)
City of Santa Rosa
Mechanical Technologist (Close date: 11/13/2014)
Water Employee Services Authority
Wastewater Treatment Operator III (Close date: 11/13/2014)
Napa Sanitation District
Safety, Training & Fleet Maintenance Officer (Close date: 11/14/2014)
United Water Conservation District
Engineering Manager (Close date: 11/14/2014)
City of Riverside
Senior SCADA System Technician (Non-Classified) (Close date: 11/17/14)
City of Atascadero
Wastewater Treatment Plant OIT (Close date: 11/20/2014)
Whitley Burchett & Associates
Assistant Engineer (Close date: 11/22/14)
Orange County Sanitation District
Source Control Supervisor (Close date: 11/23/2014)
Sausalito Marin City Sanitary District
Intern (Close date: 11/26/2014)
Delta Diablo
Operations Manager (Close date: 11/28/14)
City of San Diego
Instrumentation and Control Supervisor (Close date: 11/28/14)
Irvine Ranch Water District
Metering Systems Technician II (Close date: 11/30/14)
Sanitary District No. 1 of Marin County
Maintenance Worker I, II, or lll (Close date: 11/30/2014)
Dublin San Ramon Services District
Engineering Services Manager (Close date: 11/7/14)
Coachella Valley Water District
Wastewater Reclamation Plant Shift Supervisor (Close date: 11-09-2014)
City of Simi Valley
Plant Operator I, II and III (Close date: 11-19-14 or 1st 100 Applications Received)
City of San Luis Obispo
Deputy Director Utilities/Water (Close date: 12/01/2014)
City of Woodland
Environmental Compliance Specialist (Close date: 12/01/2014)
City of Santa Monica
Water Resources Specialist (Close date: 12/05/2014)
City of Millbrae
Senior/Industrial Waste Inspector (Close date: 12/08/14 or until we receive 100 applications)
City of Lompoc
Wastewater Superintendent (Close date: 12/1/14)
City of Riverside
Wastewater Plant Operator Series (I, II and III) (Close date: 12/12/14)
Veolia North America
Operator w/WWTP Grade II or higher (Close date: 12/14/14)
City of Riverside
Wastewater Operations Superintendent (NC) (Close date: 12/15/2014)
City of Sunnyvale
Water Pollution Control Maintenance Manager (Close date: 12/18/2014)
Coastside County Water District
Assistant General Manager (Close date: 12/19/14)
Goleta Sanitary District
Plant Maintenance Technician I or II (Close date: 12/19/2014)
Irvine Ranch Water District
Water Maintenance Technician I (Close date: 12/2/14)
City of Richmond, CA
Source Control Inspector I/II (Close date: 12/2/14)
Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency
General Manager (Close date: 12/31/14)
City of Santa Cruz
WW Facilities Electrical/Instrumentation Tech I/II (Close date: 12/4/14)
City of Davis
Wastewater Treatment Plant Senior Operator (Close date: 12/4/2014)
Delta Diablo
Maintenance Manager (Close date: 12/5/14)
Irvine Ranch Water District
Mechanical Services Manager (Close date: 12/7/14)
Woodbridge Sanitary District
Grade 1 Wastewater Operator-Part time (Close date: 12-05-14)
City of Manteca
Wastewater System Superintendent (Close date: 12-05-2014)
City of Rohnert Park
Deputy City Engineer (Close date: Continuous)
City of West Sacramento
Instrumentation Technician (Close date: continuous until filled)
City o f Yreka
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator II/III (Close date: first review 10/10/14 open until filled)
Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District
Environmental Services Director (Close date: November 21)
City of San Mateo
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator III (Close date: Open Continuous)
Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency
Laborer/Operator-In-Training (Close date: Open Until Filled)
County of Nevada, CA
Wastewater Collection Supervisor (Close date: open until filled)
City of Healdsburg
Utility Worker II (Close date: Open until filled)
County of Nevada, California
Wastewater Treatment System Operator I/II (Temp) (Close date: Open until filled.)
CDM Smith
Wastewater Operator III (Close date: until filled)
Severn Trent Services
Project Manager (Close date: until filled)