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88 jobs currently available
City of San Leandro
Laboratory Technician I/II (Close date: 02/13/2015)
City of Mountain View
Utilities Worker I/Wastewater Utilities Worker II (Close date: 02/17/2015)
Silicon Valley Clean Water
Laboratory Analyst I (Close date: 02/25/2015)
City of Crescent City
Engineering Project Manager (Close date: 02/25/2015)
City of South San Francisco
Maintenance Program Manager - Streets Maintenance (Close date: 02/25/2015)
City of Sausalito
Wastewater Collection System Maintenance Worker - (Close date: 02/27/15)
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
MACHINIST (Close date: 03/02/2015)
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
City of Santa Cruz
Wastewater Plant Operator III (Close date: 03/05/15)
South Placer Municipal Utility District
Engineering Technician I/II (Close date: 03/11/15)
Tuolumne Utilities District
Electrician/Instrumentation Technician (Close date: 03/11/2015)
San Jose Municipal Water
Senior Engineer (Close date: 03/16/2015)
ADHR Consulting
Deputy Public Works Director, Engineering (Close date: 03/20/2015)
Truckee Sanitary District
Lift Station Maintenance Supervisor (Close date: 03/20/2015)
City of Ventura
Utilities Mechanic I/II (Close date: 03/22/2015)
City of Ventura
Sr Environmental Compliance Inspector (Close date: 03/23/2015)
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
Capital Projects Division Manager (Close date: 03/23/2015)
City of Redding
Wastewater Plant Operator - Grade III (Close date: 03/25/2015)
Fallbrook PUD
Mechanical Technician (Close date: 03/25/2015)
Eastern Municipal Water District
Director of Water Reclamation (Close date: 03/27/15)
East Bay Municipal Utility District
Community Affairs Rep II (Water Recycling) (Close date: 04/03/15)
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
SAFETY OFFICER (Close date: 04/03/2015)
Field Project Manager (Close date: 04/06/2015)
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
Regulatory Compliance Division Manager (Close date: 04/06/2015)
San Bernardino Municipal Water Department
Water Reclamation Plant Supervisor (Close date: 04/07/15)
San Bernardino Municipal Water Department
Water Reclamation Process Control Supervisor (Close date: 04/07/15)
San Bernardino Municipal Water Department
Water Reclamation Lead Operator (Close date: 04/07/15)
San Bernardino Municipal Water Department
Water Reclamation Senior Operator (Close date: 04/07/15)
San Bernardino Municipal Water Department
Water Reclamation Operator (Close date: 04/07/15)
County of Sacramento
Water Quality Laboratory Supervisor (Close date: 04/09/2015)
City of San Diego
Senior Wastewater Operations Supervisor (Close date: 04/13/15)
City of Escondido
Control Systems Technician I/II/III (Close date: 04/13/15)
City of Vacaville
Utility Plan Mechanic I/II (Close date: 04/13/15 by 5:00 pm)
City of San Luis Obispo
Environmental Programs Manager (Close date: 04/13/2015)
Marina Coast Water District
General Manager (Close date: 04/16/2015)
City of Lompoc
Chemist (Close date: 04/17/15)
Carollo Engineers
Civil Engineer - Mid Level (Close date: 04/30/15)
National O&M, Inc.
Wastewater Treatment Operator (Close date: 04/30/2015)
City of Mill Valley/SASM
Wastwewater Facilities Maintenance Supervisor (Close date: 2/23/15)
Union Sanitary District
Environmental Outreach Representative (Close date: 2/25/2015)
City of Davis
Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent (Close date: 2/26/2015)
Selma-Kingsburg-Fowler County Sanitation District
Sewerage System Maintenance Technician I (Close date: 2/27/15)
Irvine Ranch Water District
Electrical Technician (Close date: 3/1/15)
Forest Lakes Mutual Water Compan
Lead Water Operations & Maintenance Supervisor (Close date: 3/12/2014)
Selma-Kingsburg-Fowler County Sanitation District
Operator I/II/III (Close date: 3/13/15)
Encina Wastewater Authority
Operator-in-Training (Close date: 3/15/2015)
City of Daly City
City of Davis
WWTP Maintenance Technician I/II (Close date: 3/2/2015)
San Joaquin County Public Works Department
Utility District Superintendent (Close date: 3/20/15)
Irvine Ranch Water District
Maintenance Mechanic (Close date: 3/24/15)
City of Livermore
Water Resources Source Control Inspector (Close date: 3/27/15)
Ironhouse Sanitary District
General Manager (Close date: 3/27/2015)
Irvine Ranch Water District
Operator III (Close date: 3/29/15)
City of Simi Valley
Plant Operator Trainee (Close date: 3/3/15)
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
Staff Engineer (Control Systems/Automation) (Close date: 3/30/2015)
West County Wastewater District
Shift Supervisor (Close date: 3/31/15)
ADHR Consulting
WWTP Maintenance Superintendent (Close date: 3/31/2015)
City of Lodi
Deputy Public Works Director - Utilities (Close date: 3/5/15)
City of Riverside
Senior SCADA System Technician (Non-Classified) (Close date: 3/8/15)
City of Livermore
Public Works Supervisor (Water Resources Maint) (Close date: 3/9/2015)
City of Manteca
Wastewater System Superintendent (Close date: 4/09/15)
Irvine Ranch Water District
Operator II (Water Operations) (Close date: 4/1/15)
Selma-Kingsburg-Fowler County Sanitation District
Environmental Technician (Close date: 4/10/15)
City of Petaluma
Water Recycling Operator I-III (Close date: 4/16/2015)
City of Visalia
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator II/III (Close date: 4/20/15)
Eastern Municipal Water District
Senior Director of Planning and Environmental (Close date: 4/3/15)
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
City of Modesto
Senior Systems Engineer (Close date: 4/6/15)
City of Simi Valley
Collection System Technician Trainee (Close date: 4/8/15)
Summit Engineering
Sr. Project Engineer / Group Manager (Close date: 5/13/15)
Anaergia Services
Project Engineer (Close date: 5/2/15)
Anaergia Services
Project Manager (Close date: 5/2/15)
Napa Sanitation District
Junior/Assistant/Associate Engineer (Close date: April 24, 2015)
City of Modesto
Electrician - Utilities (Close date: Continuous)
City of Modesto
Plant Mechanic (Close date: Continuous until filled)
Environmental Engineer / Environmental Scientist (Close date: open)
Otay Water District
Utility Crew Leader (Close date: Open Until Filled)
Otay Water District
Utility Worker I/II (Close date: Open Until Filled)
City of Livermore
Water Resources Instrument Control Technician (Close date: open until filled)
City of Livermore
Electrician (Water Resources) (Close date: open until filled)
Otay Water District
Reclamation Plant Operator I, II or III (Close date: Open Until Filled)
California Water Service
Electrical Mechanical Technician (Close date: open until filled)
Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency
Instrumentation/Electrical Technician (Close date: Open Until Filled)
United Water
Wastewater Operator II (Close date: TBD)
Veolia North America
Collection System Manager (Close date: TBD)
Presidio Trust
Utilities Project Manager (Close date: until filled)
BioSolutions Inc
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (Close date: Until Filled)
City of San Leandro
Plant Operator (In Training/I) (Close date: Upon receipt of 75 qualified applications)