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Fast facts
  • Created in 1927, CWEA is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, tax-exempt under section 501(c)3 of the internal Revenue Code and its California counterpart.
  • Approximately 9,100 wastewater professionals are members of CWEA. Most of CWEA's members (about 80 percent) work for wastewater agencies, both large and small, throughout the state. About 13 percent work for consulting engineering firms that work closely with agencies. And approximately 3 percent work for equipment manufacturers serving the wastewater industry.
  • The key benefit of members if the opportunity for professional growth and recognition through CWEA's:
    • Training events
      • annual state-wide conference,
      • regional conferences,
      • specialty conferences, and
      • local section educational events
    • Awards programs (local and state-wide)
    • Publications
      • E-Bulletin (an electronic member-only publication offered six times a year)
      • The Wastewater Professional (a print member-only publication offered four times a year)
      • Study guides (to assist in gaining certification)
    • Certification (a complex set of 23 validated certifications for wastewater personnel in six specialties:
      • Collection System Maintenance
      • Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance
      • Laboratory Analysis
      • Biosolids Land Application Management
      • Environmental Compliance Inspection
      • Industrial Treatment Plant Operations
  • CWEA founded the Operator Certification Program in 1937 and administered it until turning it over to the State Water Resources Control Board in 1973 as a result of the Clean Water Act. Remained in the certification field and currently administers a complex set of 21 validated certifications for wastewater personnel other than operators.
  • CWEA is governed by a volunteer 17-member board of directors at the state level.
  • CWEA has more than 20 standing committees that provide the volunteer support and technical input for training events, publications, and certification.
  • To provide local training and coordination CWEA supports 17 local sections, 10 in the CWEA's Northern Region and seven in the Southern Region. Each local section is governed by a volunteer board of directors and meets regularly to provide training, education, and information to members close to home and work.
  • CWEA maintains a central office in Oakland, close to the Oakland Airport and near Highway 880, with professional staff skilled in association management. Staff members help implement the program of work adopted by the board of directors, provide continuity, support volunteer leaders and members, and respond to inquiries form members, business, industry, and the public.
  • Revenue for the entire organization is more than $2 million. CWEA's operating budget at the state level is approximately $1.4 million.