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All Other Trainers
The new Contact Hour program is a great way to make sure certificate holders keep-up with changing technology and practices in their vocation. It also adds value to training events because training is now required to re-certify. 

How to Get Training Approved For Contact Hours
Training and educational programs must be reviewed to make sure the content is relevant to the vocation and to assign the correct number of contact hours.

1. Document the following basic information:

  • Name of the instructor(s) (if you know them at the time)
  • Name of sponsoring organization
  • Date(s) of the event (if you know the dates)
  • Timed course outline or agenda (if we need more info, we'll contact you)
  • An outline of the instructor’s relevant training and experience

You may submit this documentation in any format, but we encourage you to use the Contact Hour Approval form.

2. Fax, mail, or email the basic information listed above to:

7677 Oakport St. #600
Oakland, CA 94621
Fax: 510-382-7810
Phone: 510-382-7800 x119

3. CWEA will then contact you in about two weeks.
If you need a faster response, please let us know. We'll be happy to speed-up the process when necessary.

Certificates of Completion
Once training is approved, you will need to issue certificates of completion that include the following information:

  • The name of the training organization
  • The program title
  • The name of the attendee who completed the program
  • The number of contact hours earned
  • The date of completion
  • An official signature or stamp from the training organization (instructor's signature is OK).
Why Require Pre-Approved Training?
Pre-approval helps to make sure that you can offer contact hours to your group and it enables trainees to be sure that the training they attend will be accepted by CWEA. Any training that is related to the vocations and is of reasonable quality should be acceptable.

12 Contact Hours Every Two Years
In case you have not already heard, certificate holders must complete 12 contact hours of continuing education or training every two years to re-certify. One contact hours is defined as 50 minutes of training or educational programming where the instructor/trainer has the attention of the trainee. The 12 contact hours must be earned during the two years just before the contact hours are due.

Essential Duties are Essential!
Essential Duties are the important tasks that a certificate holder does on the job. These tasks are the basis for the certification test content and for determining the relevance of a training program to a vocation. If a training program addresses the Essential Duties of at least one vocation, then contact hours can be issued.

Helpful Tools For Trainers
Sample Certificate of Completion  Certificates must include training organization, program title, and reference number.

Download Contact Hour Approval Form (PDF)
You can use this form to apply for contact hours. Its not required, but will probably help you to make sure your training is approved for contact hours as quickly as possible.

Award Contact Hours for Attendance at Local Section Dinner Meetings!
CWEA local sections can award contact hours for attending more than one dinner meeting.