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Examination Results Mailing Calendar

July 2008

Exam results are mailed about 4-6 weeks after the test date. This allows time to review all appeals before scores are released. Results for different vocations may be released on different days. Check this page for dates when results have actually been mailed. If you have not received your results within 5 working days of the mailed date given in green below please contact CWEA at 510-382-7800 or email [email protected] . Results are never given over the phone, fax or in e-mail.

UPDATED 8/15/08

Green Dates = Actual Mailed Date
Red Dates = Expected Mail Date (these may change)

Vocation Grade 1
Mail Date
Grade 2
Mail Date
Grade 3
Mail Date
Grade 4
Mail Date
Collection System Maintenance Aug 13 Aug 19 Aug 19 Aug 13
Environmental Compliance Inspector Aug 13 Aug 13 Aug 13 Aug 13
Laboratory Analyst Aug 13 Aug 13 Aug 13 Aug 13
Plant Maintenance Aug 14 NA NA NA
Mechanical Technologist NA Aug 13 Aug 13 Aug 13
Electrical/Instrumentation Tech NA Aug 13 Aug 13 Aug 13
Operator, IWTP Aug 14 Aug 14 Aug 25 NA
Biosolids Land Application Mgmt NA


General Calendar



July 2008 certificate renewals/contact hours due 7/31/208
July 2008 exam item appeals reviewed 8/01/08-8/15/08
July 2008  Answer sheets scored 8/01/08
July 2008 exam item appeals complete 8/15/08
July 2008 exam results mailed 8/25/08
January 2009 CBT  exam application deadline TBD
January 2009 CBT certification exam TBD
Last day to schedule grade or site changes for the January 2009 CBT test TBD