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The Benefits of a Certification Code of Ethics and Procedures
For Certificate Holders
The Code and Procedures add value to certificates held by wastewater professionals because employers and the public know that certificate holders are continuing to meet or exceed competency standards everyday while performing their jobs. This gives more meaning and value to holding a certificate than just passing a test, or taking 12 contact hours of continuing education every two years. It also provides a fair process for certificate holders to deal with potential accusations of ethics violations and lets certificate holders know what is expected of them.
For Employers
Employers benefit from a code of ethics because it shows that CWEA certification depends on on-the-job behavior as well as passing a written test and keeping-up with continuing education. The Code allows CWEA to decertify individuals that do not uphold minimum competency standards on the job. Thus, employers can be more confident that all certificate holders not only have the knowledge, skills and abilities required, but also perform their jobs competently. 
For Applicants
Applicants will benefit because they will know what is expected of them before even signing their applications. Many potential code violations can occur before a person is even certified. 
Ethics violations come to the attention of CWEA every year. The Code and Procedures will help to ensure that CWEA deals with each situation fairly and equitably. It also helps CWEA to disclose, up front, what is expected of certificate holders and applicants.