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Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
The Knowledge, Skills and Abilities are the foundation for the subject matter on the certification tests. They are developed by conducting a job analysis study of a cross-section of wastewater agencies representative of the entire industry. The certification exam is designed to test a candidate's KSAs and certify the competency of those who meet or exceed a specified standard (passing score).  

The certification Code of Ethics sets an additional standard for certification that certificate holders meet, or exceed, minimum standards of competency when performing the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities of the certified vocation. This standard demonstrates that certified professionals are dedicated to the safe and effective performance of the vocationís KSAs.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Each Vocation: [Adobe Acrobat PDF Files]
Collection System Maintenance Grades I-IV
Environmental Compliance Inspector Grades I-IV
Plant Maintenance Grades I and IV
Electrical/Instrumentation Grade I-IV
Mechanical Technologist
Grade 1; Grade 2; Grade 3; Grade 4
Laboratory Analyst Grades I-IV
Industrial Waste Treatment Plant Operator Grades I-IV