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Certificate Renewal Fees

All certificates must be renewed annually. Renewal reminders are mailed to certificate holders three months in advance of the certificate expiration date. Association Member Renewal Fee Rates (each certificate):

Certificate Grade Renewal Fee
Certs Expiring Before 7/1/2015
Grade Renewal Fee
Certs Expiring On or After 07/01/2016
I $81.00 $83.00
II $86.00 $88.00
III $91.00 $93.00
IV $96.00 $98.00

Certificate holders who hold California Water Environment Association (CWEA) certification, and are not CWEA members, must pay an additional $172 annually. This fee needs to be paid only once per year, regardless of the number of certificates held, and entitles the certificate holder to a one-year association membership at his or her option.