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CBT Demo Screenshots
Once the demo starts you see the start screen. Clicking on "Standard Exam" begins the demo.

This is a typical view of a test question. Same format as the old paper-and-pencil tests, but on a computer.

You can navigate around the test just like you would in a paper test booklet. You can go back to questions you have already answered, and change them. You can even flag questions that you want to come back to. When you have gone through all of the questions, you will see this screen below that summarizes all of you answers and allows you to go back to any question you like.

Once you have decided to end the test, or time has run out (you get 3 hours just like the paper-and-pencil tests), you will see a screen that shows your test results. Your results will be transmitted to CWEA and you will be notified of your official certification status soon after taking the test.