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While Pearson VUE strives to provide convenient testing locations for CWEA candidates, itís another challenge to keep them open and for the hours that the candidateís need.

Pearson VUE reports that they are in the process of searching for a new test location for the Eureka area due to the closure of a test location in northern California. A similar issue has come up for the Coachella Valley area in southern California.  A promising opening of a third-party testing site in Palm Desert only allows a short time for CWEA certification testing during the week.

Pearson VUE is working on searching for new test site locations for these areas and understand the demand from CWEA candidates. Meanwhile, candidates are asked to plan ahead of time and schedule their tests well in advance.


Strategies to Help You Pass That Test
Liz Moody, Cannon Corporation

Guilty of some bad study habits?  Need to ramp up the studying before your test date?  Look no further!  Here are a few study tips to try and a few to avoid! 

Don’t Do This… Try This Instead!
Study in a noisy, distracting environment, or while watching TV.

Choose a quiet relaxing area. If you don’t have access to a peaceful place, try playing classical music on your iPod or radio and removing any possible distractions.

Memorize the information the day before.

Take the time to really learn the information, that way you can think about the question and know the answer without having to guess.  Remember, your understanding of the information is being tested, not your ability to test. 

Study alone.

Find a local or on-line study group so that you can talk with others going through the same struggles.

Stay up late the night before the exam, trying to cram every bit of information into your tired brain.

Use the night before more for a quick review of the material.

Worry about the exam after you’ve finished the test.

Reward yourself for the hard work and time you’ve invested by indulging in a small treat—whether with food or a fun activity. After you’ve taken the test, worrying won’t make you any more likely to pass.