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Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Study Guides for Grade I-V

Study Now for Your Wastewater Operator Certification Test
Operator Certification Study Guides help you focus your study strategy so you spend less time flipping through thousands of pages of books and more time focusing on what you need to know.
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Wastewater Operator Certification Examination Study Guide
If you are serious about passing your wastewater treatment plant operator certification test you need the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Study Guide. Specific reading assignments in other training texts let you spend your time studying the essential material instead of searching aimlessly through stacks of books. Since there is a Study Guide for each of the five grade levels, you only buy what you need. Although written specifically for the California State Water Resources Control Board tests, these guides can help you prepare for any state’s wastewater operator certification test.

Each Guide Includes:

  • Test subject outlines

  • Diagnostic test

  • Math refresher

  • Math anxiety section

  • Study references

  • Glossary

  • Reading assignments

  • State certification program policies

Study Guides
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