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CWEA Certification study guide (Free for current and new CWEA and WEF members)
CWEA offers Study Guides for each vocation and grade level to help certificate candidates prepare for the CBT test.
California State Operator Certification Survival Guides
CWEA publishes study guides for the State Wastewater Operator certification program. The guides include a diagnostic test, a math refresher, study strategies, and other useful information.
Manuals of Practice and other CWEA Books (Free for current and new CWEA and WEF members)
CWEA publishes a number of best practices manuals for Collection Systems Maintenance and Biosolids Land Application Management.
CWEA Recommended Books for Wastewater Professionals
Expand your knowledge of the wastewater profession with these training and reference publications. The list has been developed as part of CWEA's certification study guides. These references are useful for all wastewater professionals, even if you are not preparing for a certification test.
Links to Other Wastewater Book Sources
Check here for links to other sources of professional development book and publications.
Books Return Policy
See our book return and refund policy. 

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